Rae Ritter

Director of Client Service and Marketing

How To Contact Rae

215-523-8580, ext. 122

Rae Ritter has worked in legal marketing for more than 12 years in national and international firms, and her primary focus has been technology and digital marketing. She has successfully deployed websites, blogs, social media strategy, CRM systems, e-mail campaigns, and webinar solutions, among other technologies. Now Rae is the Director of Client Service and Marketing for LISI, where she manages the company’s marketing and oversees website builds and guides marketing strategy for law firm clients.

When Rae is not deep in the digital ether, she’s out and about time with her toddler and husband in Philadelphia. She is looking for babysitters, so she can go out and revive her inner foodie who has been in hibernation since said toddler came into the picture!

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