This month marks the 17th year of incorporation of Legal Internet Solutions, which I think is pretty impressive for a digital agency in an age where tech companies balloon up and quickly pop. LISI wasn’t promoting its skills in social media, blogs, or mobile-friendly design way back then, as those marketing strategies didn’t even exist. The focus of the company has remained the same, however: marketing law firms and individual lawyers on the web.

Before joining LISI, I spent more than a decade at Ballard Spahr and Dechert in marketing-technology roles, overseeing the website, blogs, social media strategy, email marketing, CRM, and more. Needless to say, I worked with countless service providers who didn’t understand how law firms are unique and often operate differently than typical companies. There were some that “got it” though, and we enjoyed success partnering with them.

Now, I’m proud to work for LISI, a digital marketing agency with a defined focus on the legal industry and tons of experience working with and for law firms. That translates into focused, strategic techniques (as well as empathy) for the lawyers and marketing teams we partner with. I know it can feel like a monumental burden to switch from the current vendor/product to a better one, but working through that change is part of the solution LISI provides. And the outcome outweighs any hurdles to get there.

Want to talk about switching? We’re happy to help you with any website-development issue. Contact us via the web, email, or phone (at 215-523-8580, ext. 122).