At Legal Internet Solutions Incorporated, we build websites that work. We craft brands that last. We're proud of our work, just as you are of yours. Contact us to learn more about the Internet marketing solutions to help your firm take the next step.

We are digital artisans.

Using only the highest quality ingredients to handcraft your marketing tools:
  • Website and blog design, development, and hosting.
  • Search engine optimization (SEO).
  • Content writing and distribution.
  • Law firm branding, logo design, and tagline crafting.
  • Lawyer profiles, social media, reputation management, and more.
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More than just a website.

Developing a website is just the beginning. Once the finishing touches are made and the site is launched, it becomes the centerpiece of your marketing efforts. Like all things that matter most, attention and care will make it flourish. Full site content management, meticulous hosting, and ongoing support are the cornerstones of our shared long-term success.

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Website Creation

The professional and creative power of a highly trained team ensures that development, design, and implementation of your website is executed to your high standards – and ours. We also advise on establishing your domain name, handle the initial purchase, and keep renewals up to date.

Content That Counts

A website must be as informative and accurate as it is attractive and easy to navigate. Top-notch creative includes website copy, marketing message development, blog post content, and more. Since LISI is an accomplished search engine optimization firm, the text we produce is crafted to attract your targeted client in Google, Yahoo!, and Bing searches.

Microsite Magic

Add depth and breadth to a primary website with customizable “mini sites” for individual attorneys or single topic exploration, all housed within your firm’s main site. We develop and design custom microsites to fit seamlessly with your established brand.

To Attract, Inform, and Engage

Blogs are ubiquitous. They are also necessary as Internet users are habituated to consulting them for information and, more important, a true sense of the people behind the scenes. We design and develop your blog to coordinate with your site and create a showcase for your firm’s personality. Don’t have the spare time to write your blog posts? LISI’s team of experienced legal marketing writers can do it for you.

Site Visibility

Google-savvy pros advise and execute search engine optimization, cost-effective digital advertising, and other ongoing search marketing efforts using our own Internet Marketing Toolbox™ — a flexible, always-ready set of tactics customized to achieve your strategic marketing goals.

Raising (and Monitoring) Your Profile

LISI’s Online Lawyer Profile Optimization™ service is an efficient and reliable way to ensure the practice, background, and experience of each attorney in your firm is properly represented and readily found online. We set up, optimize, and manage profiles and advise which directories are most important, taking the burden off lawyers and their marketing support teams.

Audience Engagement

Reach potential clients and service existing ones with email outreach, informative blog content, and special notices. Newsletters, client alerts, blog creation and ongoing post writing, one-time announcements, and holiday greetings are expertly handled.

Just Say It

Nike’s “Just Do It,” Apple’s “Think Different.” You never forget a good tagline. We guide your firm through the process of developing a tagline that will capture its essence in a short and memorable phrase. Once minted, your tagline can be used on the web, in print, and in any other marketing medium to increase awareness and revenue.

Outstanding Branding

For new firms in need of full-suite branding or established firms seeking a fresh look, our team can supply you with logo design, color choice and treatment options, business card and letterhead layout, Facebook and other social media page design, and more.

Protecting Good Names

Swift and professional response is the key to maintaining the reputation you have worked hard to establish. We make it a priority to proactively address and counteract online matters that produce negative search results affecting your firm or attorneys.

Visual Appeal

Professional photography showcases your team and law firm settings. A carefully and artistically designed site reflects and projects the image you wish to convey.


Plan. Succeed. Repeat.

A high-performance wheel refined, not reinvented.

More than 20 years of experience developing and running Internet marketing campaigns for the legal profession has given LISI the opportunity to meticulously create a process to accomplish each thing we do. As a client, you are given direct access to our process - you will always know what's happening and when the next action will take place. We don't waste your time reinventing the wheel. Instead, we open the door and invite you along for a smooth ride.

Our own CMS

Learn more about our Content Management System, LISIPress 3.0™.

A content management system (CMS) is a user-friendly tool for updating text and graphics on your site. It allows you to add, modify, archive, or delete website content with the ease of cutting and pasting and clicking an ‘update’ button. Not all CMS platforms are created equal, however. Those that are proprietary or licensed may leave a client with no choice but to maintain a costly relationship with the platform architects or someone specially trained to maintain a certain platform.

Our system, called LISIPress 3.0™, allows for near-total control over the site’s text and many graphics. It is based on very widely used Open Source tools that require no ongoing licensing fees. Once installed, our team trains yours on how to use LISIPress 3.0™ and provides ongoing support should there be questions or new training needed.


Let us show you our stuff.

We are not producing perfect miniature cupcakes or hand-finishing Mission-style chairs. But like the artisans who do, we have the passion and commitment for finding the right tools, selecting only the finest ideas and creative talent, and infusing everything we produce with the energy and authenticity of a superior, hand-crafted product.

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We have the passion and commitment for finding the right tools, selecting only the finest ideas and creative talent, and infusing everything we produce with the energy and authenticity of a superior, hand-crafted product.


Experienced in Law. Focused on Marketing. The foundation for your success.

A law firm is different from a medical practice, which is different from a hedge fund, which is different from a bakery. To truly know the digital marketing needs of a law firm, you need a team that has intimate knowledge of how law firms work, from both the lawyer's perspective as well as the legal marketer's.

Founded by a lawyer in 1999, LISI has built a team that understands legal marketing in a way that is unique in the field. Our team is comprised of former attorneys and former in-house legal marketers who know the unique needs and demands of law firms and lawyers. We put that understanding into every website, marketing campaign, and strategy session we have done. For all types of law. For all types of lawyers. Hundreds of times.

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